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The PanAm 103 Air-Tragedy
Disclosure of "Lockerbie Affair"

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9th Feb 2018

Lockerbie > A wrong comparison led to the unjust accusation of Libya!

The judgment of the Scottish Justice 2000/01, on the "Bombing Exposé PanAm 103", was a politically motivated vanguard against the then current Gaddafi regime and is based on a sea of lies !

A false discovery date of the original fragment (PT35) at the court in Zeist! Important facts, among others, from the US court record and an FBI report, were ignored in the "Lockerbie Process".

The FBI did not make a forensic comparison with the first, original black carbonized fragment, but with a crucial fake (PT35) fragment (green in colour) brought in June 1990 to Washington, by a Scots Official.
The positive result by comparison between the faked fragment (PT35) und the TOGO timer (K-1) was defenetly leading to the indictment of Libya, definitive.

A comparison with the first original fragment PT-35 (see picture, red circle) - opposite the second fragment, under the same mark picture (PT35) would have shown a very different result. Why? The first original fragment derived from a non-functional MST-13 prototype circuit board, is black carbonized with 3 scratch marks and a letter (M) on it.

This kind of prototype was never sold by MEBO to Libya. Therefore Libya could never been indicted with this prototype fragment (PT35)!

Dubius, the fragment (PT35) was discovered in a slalom shirt at RARDE, only in mid-January at RARDE... (Witness Experts Dr. Thomas Hayes & Allen Feraday)

"The original fragment was always under custody of a Scottish official" > said SIO chief Stuard Henderson, Scottish Police in a interview (Film Lockerbie Revisited).

If SIO Chief Henderson statement is correct, then a Scottish official must have been present in Zurich. This would allow checking the exact date and the reason for this secret mission.

By Expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) after 15 May 1990, a dublicate of the originale first MST13 timerfragment, also pretend as (PT35) with reference (PT35B) was available for comparison by FBI- Laboratory with the Togo Timer (K-1) by the FBI-Laboratory in Washington on June 1990.

Picture Nr.1 The fragment (PT35) circled in red, show the first real MST13 Timerfragment part from a prototyp MST13 Timer, fabricated with 8 layer fiberglass.
Engineer Ulrich Lumpert make the 3 Scratch marks and the letter "M" on the fragment around September 1989.

Who brought the original fragment as allegedly found in a Slalom shirt to Eng. Ulrich Lumpert (MEBO) at Zürich? (1989 before X-Mas)

Picture 2, Mark: q - There was no two (2) Solder tracks on the MST 13 Timer/circuitboards, were delivered to Libya, only Copper > the two (2) Tracks was black anodized (eloxiert)

Mark: c - On the top portion of the solderpoint (L) --- in this condition, it would be an upside-down "L" is covered with silvery solder with severely blast-damaged = Mark: r

Mark: q - two (2) Tracks running paralle were black anodized (eloxiert) > not with silver solder retinned, as the Original fragment PT35, found in Lockerbie!

18 Jan 2018

Bombing of PanAm 103, over Lockerbie,
with an MST13 timer (PT35) - Which official lies ?

Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson (Scottish Police) was SIO, at the Lockerbie Incident Control Centre in Scotland.
FBI Spezial Agent Richard A. Marquise led the U.S. Task Force which included the FBI Department of Justice and the CIA. He managed all aspects of the investigation.
Why did Stuart Henderson and Richard Marquise, in the documentary "Lockerbie Revisited", in an interview with Gideon Levy, have to lie convincingly and insistently - "that the Original MST13 timer fragment (PT35)" was never brought to the USA to be compared at the FBI-lab in Washington?

It would not have been a problem at any rate if the two police commissioners had confirmed that the original – [allegedly from RARDE, on January 16th, 1990, discovered in a "slalom shirt", black carbonized fragment (PT35)] - was taken to the FBI laboratory; since the original (PT35) fragment was also brought, out from Scotland, to Germany to the Siemens company, where it had been sawed on April 27, 1990, in two separate parts (PT35/a) and (DP35/a)!

Shortly after the production of the film "Lockerbie Revisited", crucial documents disclosed by FBI, doc. Tom Thurman, from Court of District Columbia, BUPO, at Switzerland and BKA, in Germany, revealed the lies!!! (See attachements)

MEBO's theory: With high probability can be assumed that the lies story, where based on the fact that Stuart Henderson, Richard, Marquise and others, knew exactly that in June 1990, a second, manipulated MST13 timer fragment of the same designation (PT35) was brought to the FBI laboratory in Washington, for a forensic comparison with a 'circuit board' - located in the FBI - described as TOGO Timer (K'1).
In comparison with the fake fragment, it was possible to blame Libya. A comparison with the "Original PT-35 fragment" would have shown a completely different result! This tiny piece ofcircuit board was never part of a timer delivered to Libya!

The additional text (at the end of the documentary) requested by Richard Marquise, after the first film presentation (as an excuse), is an outrageous disgrace!

1)> Marquise's quotes from the film „Lockerbie Revisited“:
Gideon – sorry we did not have more time to chat when you where in Washington and frankly, talking at the cemetery was probably not the best thing to do I just want to clarify one thing – per your question to me re PT-35. I cannot recall exactly what I said last summer when we spoke, but I recall I told you I would not lie to you.

2)> Quotes from the film „Lockerbie Revisited“:
PT-35 did come to Washington – in the possession of the Scottish police and in the actual position of Allen Feraday in June 1991.

3)> Quotes from the film „Lockerbie Revisited“:
The timer was in Washington but was never in the control or possession of the FBI. Hope this clarifies what we talked about. How is your project going? Dick Marquise


Former FBI Whistleblower, expert Fred Whitehurst (Dr. in chemistry) said: "The criminal scene took place in the criminal laboratory" > see LINK: http://vimeo.com/41131094

Scientific tests carried out on the most crucial piece of evidence in the case, a fragment of circuit board from a MST13-timing device (PT35) that enabled prosecutors to link Libya to the bombing, suggested strongly that it was a fake!

Dr. Whitehurst is a former FBI forensic scientist who went public with concerns about inadequate crime lab practices in the mid-1990s. In 1998, Whitehurst left the FBI and is now co-chair of the National Whistleblowers Center, writes the Marshall Project.

In an interview, Dr. Whitehurst expressed that it only makes sense that the FBI analysts gave erroneous testimony about scientific results; many of the analysts he knew during his tenure had no scientific experience or education. "When I was at the FBI, we had people with English degrees, history degrees, doing complex chemical analysis. Our chief chemist didn’t have an undergraduate degree in chemistry.
They were not scientists. They weren’t out to hurt anyone ? They believed in their work.

After visiting the FBI-laboratory at Washington by Scottish nvestigation group - FBI expert Tom Thurman, said to media, "he made the connection between the MST13 timer fragment (PT35) and Libya".

June 12th, 1990, under the direction of SIO Chef Stuart Henderson, und DI William Williamson (Scottish Police) Expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) und Mr. MacLean, visited the FBI Laboratory in Washington.
They brought a second, fake MST-13 Timer (PT35) fragment, for an important forensic comparison with the 'Circuit Board' from a so called Togo-Timer MST13timer marked as (K-1).

For the fabrication of this Timerfragment (green coloured with solder mask on both sides, the same Thüring material was used as delivered to Libya.

Of COURSE - with it - the comparison showed positive results. Only with this staged evidence scam, it was possible to connect Libya, with the bombing on Pan Am 103, over Lockerbie!
As a reminder: the first fake fragment (PT35) black carbonized, was in June 1990, already divided into two sections.

Libya and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi have nothing to do with the bombing on PanAm 103, over Lockerbie!!

Informations LINKS
Film in English language: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/winners/2011/pieces.php?iid=412747&pid=1
Film mixed in Dutch / Englis language: http://www.levyproductions.nl/index.php/levy_en/archive/lockerbie-revisited/

FBI investigation Report 20/08/1990 No. 202-23, August 20, 1990;

Court Report District Columbia, testimony of expert James T. THURMAN, Januar 16, 1991;

BKA investigation Report (Siemens) Bundeskriminalamt Meckenheim DL No. ST33-EG PAN AM, 068 507/88, 27, April, 1990, and BKA doc. from 14, May 1990;

Document Schweizerische Bundesanwaltschaft, Abteilung Staatschutz, 30, July 2012;

2 piece EMTEC Chip, with information, with text, sound, pictures and video material.

(first fragment (PT35) circled in red)

Only with this fake MST13 timer fragment proof could Libya and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi be entangled with the bombing on PanAm 103 !!!

Since 15 May 1990, the second MST13 timerfragment also pretend as (PT35) was available for comparison with the Togo Timer (K-1) by the FBI-Laboratory

Mark: q - There was no two (2) Solder tracks on the MST 13 Timer/circuit boards, were delivered to Libya, only Copper > the two (2)Tracks was sealed and overprinted with Eloxal material on it > not with silver solder retinned as the Original fragment PT35, found in Lockerbie!

Video of ex FBI expert Tom Thurman


11 Jan 2018


Mr. President Trump

It is important news that you are attending the WEF in Davos/Switzerland.

My company MEBO Ltd. and I Edwin Bollier are involved in the tragic Lockerbie air desaster (PanAm 103 crash).

An allegedly found Timerfragment (MST-13) was a key piece of evidence and responsible for the court verdict against Libya and Mr. Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. MEBO manufactured and sold such timers, but the fragment they found was a nonfunctional prototype.
A tremendous fraud of evidence occured. Forensic Institutes allegedly never carried out tests in order to find traces of explosivs on the fragment. The SCCRC (Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission) found six grounds on which it believed a miscarriage of justice may have occurred. An application for a new appeal has been filed by the Megrahi family.

We hope that the Scottish authorities will accept the appeal and not delay the case. Scottish Police „Operation Sandwood" will deliver an investigation report in February 2018. It could lead to indictments against members of the Police or Forensic experts. Libya had nothing to do with the bombing.

Who is really responsible for the bombing? I dont know, but FBI and the Secret Services must know the real story…

Dear Mr. President, you are empowered to open the doors of truth and justice.

It would be great if you could allow me to show you in only few minutes – in Switzerland - how a fake fragment was responsible for a historical miscarriage of justice.

Best regards and have a nice and successful time in Switzerland.

Edwin Bollier (owner of MEBO Ltd.)

Informations LINKS
Film in English language: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/winners/2011/pieces.php?iid=412747&pid=1
Film mixed in Dutch / Englis language: http://www.levyproductions.nl/index.php/levy_en/archive/lockerbie-revisited/