Updated: 4. March 2017

The PanAm 103 Air-Tragedy
Disclosure of "Lockerbie Affair"

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11. Jan. 2017

Link: Lockerbie...constant DROPS hollow out the LIE
...and brings the TRUTH!

The year 2017 will be important for the Lockerbie case
(PanAm 103 air disaster)

Time has come for the Swiss Mebo Ltd and owner Edwin Bollier to prepare a claim of damages (US $ 200 million) against Scotland. 50% of this would be donated to a social foundation.

There is now enough evidence that the judges at the court of Zeist/Holland, against the Libyan official, Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, where misled by false evidence of 3 expert witnesses under oath, ...who have been directly involved in the fact finding examinations. Faked and false evidence about the MST-13 Timer fragment (PT 35) led unfortunately to a wrong verdict. Due to the fact that the (MST-13 Timer) played a key role in the case, the reputation of the successful swiss company was badly affected and it all led to a very heavy financial damage.

The latest results of forensic examinations by well known independent experts will prove that the allegedly found timer fragment was a fake. It did not derive from a MST-13 timer, delivered by Mebo to Libya. Thats finally good news for the troubled Mebo Company. Please read the Intelligence Report PT-35) at your convenience.

LINK: https://pt35b.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/lockerbie-was-pt35b-evidence-fabricated/