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MEBO Document no. 644

Dear ex FBI Special Agent and Manager of the Lockerbie Task Force,
Mr. Richard Marquise

New questions:
why do you have your e-mail address closed?
see: Mail Delivery Subsystem an mich: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Thus I must arrive over this public blog at you:

1.> As I visited your Office, on 11 February 1991, in the FBI headquarters, I could look a copy of a photo book with pictures of test explosions, loaded with suit-cases, radio recorder etc. with the same cargo of container, as of PanAm 103.
These photos was made on a military airfield in Atlantic City. Some of this tests show not only within cargo of container! The results of thesis tests which thus photogaphed on photo. I asked you for a copy of this photo book. Your answer was negative.

Question: Why did you withhold this important photo book from the court at Kamp van Zeist?

Excerpt: A-- Yes, sir I did. At Atlantic City. Q-- I believe you were accompanied to these tests by Stephan Haines, the RARDE photographer? A-- that's correct sir. Yes. Q-- Did he photograph the results of these tests? A-- He did indeed, sir. Yes. Q-- And do you know where these photographs are now, Mr. Feraday?...

2.> You handed a visitecard from you to me over on this day.

3.> You handed over to me,1 FBI magazine (tired-shine) with the summary of "Terrorism in USA" for the year 1990.

4.> You handed also over to me: one label (1 side) light-grey coloured A/4 document; offer up to of 4 mio US$, with the illustration of US Dollar notes, bundled into two opened suit-cases. Without images of Fhimah and Megrahi.

On all these documents your fingerprints or DNS must be!

Sincerely, Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland
babylon german/english trans.

Links: Document 504, 507, 510, 511, 523, 524, 527, 529, 531, 643, 644, 651, 657, Ref. PP-8932, PI-995

The MEBO Inc.-defence team and Edwin Bollier, VR

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