19th March, 2010.

This is only a "Babylon" computer translation, german/english:

Is the MEBO MISSION LOCKERBIE a chaos theory and will end as Mission Impossible ? Surely not !!!

What exactly is the chaos in the "Lockerbie-Tragedy" ? Those not opening of documents of the Reappeal Commission (SCCRC) promised by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill 2009...
The name "chaos theory" comes from the fact that the systems that the theory describes are apparently disordered, but chaos theory is really about finding the underlying order in apparently random data...
One day in March of 2010, MEBO wanted to see a particular sequence in the 'Lockerbie-Divide'.
By all conventional fakts and ideas of the time, we have worked.

*We have get a reproach very close to the original sequence, the possibility of the MST-13 timerfragment PT/35(b) was altered but not swapped ?

A scientist considers himself lucky if he can get proven forensic facts with accuracy to places. Surely to measure using reasonable methods, have a huge effect on the outcome of the experiment and as evidence.
In advance: The crucial evidence (MST-13 Timer fragment) by Dr.Hayes/ Allen Feraday from 12th January 1990, re-booked deliberate to 12th March 1989, registered under ref. PP'8932, PT/35, paragraph > b) a fragment of a green coloured circuit board. This PC-board was a black carbonized circuit board, marked with three scratching places and a letter "M"on it, no "green" color was recognizable on this time!

New Facts: Was Eng. U. Lumpert an official body as a consultant asked to participate, when creating the (MST-13) Timer fragments ?
Eng. Lumpert was without the knowledge of MEBO, at least twice obscured at USA invited.
The reason: Eng. U. Lumpert confirms on the Affidavit of 18th July 2007, (page 3, paragraph No. 5 actually, that he himself the scratching places "Kratzstellen" in the MST-13 Fragment had made !
It is therefore absolute clear that at this moment the PT/35 Fragment already was carbonized with black soot !!!
At the court in Kamp van Zeist were Lumpert's USA visits no topic !
After forensic investigation on 27th April 1990 by company Siemens in Germany, it was clear, the fragment was from a standard print-material (prototype) with 8 lay of fibre glas, "brown" in color, not in "green" and thus not of a Libyan timer !

*Provably free of doubts, the original MST-13 timer fragment under column b) registered as PT/35 was first altered, after that swapped by a duplicate PT/35(b) with a green fragment of a Libya MST-13 timer, without the letter "M" and the three scratching places on it, to bring Libya in connection with the Lockerbie tragedy... more soon....

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland