Thomas Thurman: the crook inside FBI

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Where did the tiny circuit board fragment come from ? Someone might say "it came out of the blue", but the first person to "discover" the fragment was FBI's forensic "expert" Thomas James Thurman. Why are we putting "" around the words expert and discover ?

Already while Thurman was working on another case, along side with the Lockerbie Case, his collegue at the FBI's Scientific Analysis Section (SAS), Frederic Whitehurst, wrote a memo to his chief:

"SSA Tom Thurman, the principle examiner of evidence in this matter, circumvented established procedures and protocols in the assignment of evidence to examiners in the SAS, testified to areas of expertise that he had no qualifications in therefore fabricating evidence in his testimony, in order to prove the guilt of Walter Leroy Moody instead of establishing the true significance and weight of the scientific data.
Thurman was fully aware of the fact that he was in violation of procedures and protocols of the FBI laboratory and did knowingly and purposely commit perjury and obstruction of justice in this matter."

...and that was one case, Thurman was working with. More perjury and obstructance of justice followed after the Leroy Moody case. And since the indictment, Thurman has been suspended from the FBI after his laboratory was suspected of falsifying evidence.
Later on Whitehurst testified to these points in a court of law:

"Thurman is simply fabricating evidence as he sits on the stand to make evidence fit." " Mr. Thurman is not an explosives residue expert. He is not a chemist.
His opinion is not an experts opinion but personal conjecture." "During a recent investigation while conducting tests at Quantico, Virginia, both I and SSA Steven Burmeister had to explain to Thurman in the most elementary terms the significance of the presence of nitrate oxidizers in explosives.
Thurman had no idea what an explosive material was composed of or how the different components functioned in the chemical reaction of the explosion. He expressed his belief that the "nitrogen content" of the explosive was the factor which controlled its power."

..... and much more of the same stuff. It quicly became clear that Thomas Thurman had no idea of what he has been working with. Furthermore, Thurman went to Germany to interview Pan Am 103-suspect and bomb-wizard Marwan Khreesat - but he completely forgot to tell Scottish police about that.

They never got any report... If there ever will be a trial against Fhima or Megrahi or any other suspect in the Lockerbie Case - pray that the FBI is not using Thurmans testimony and "evidence"! Thurman today does not work at the FBI as forensic "expert" anymore.

See parts of the instruktion Video from the archiv of intelligence Sevice. Various sequences on this video document, are scrambled of security reasons !

Video of ex FBI expert Tom Thurman
IMAGE, prod. U/7946
see legende c;---q;---r;
Thüring MST-13 circuit PC-board;
mark: c.....without the letter "M";
mark: q.....perfect soldering lines;
mark: r.....defect solderpoint;
mark: f.....the curve was not removed.

IMAGE 2: This picture shows a green Thüring MST-13 printed circuit PC-board. The curve "f" on the corner not yet being milled out indicates clearly that the PC-board does also not originate from a MST-13 timer ready for operation. A specific damage of material probably caused by an explosion on the solderpoint "r<" indicates clearly that from this empty circuit board the green MST-13 dublicate-fragment was fabricated.

See the Introductory video, the truth in the BBC Film "DISPATCHED",
about the MEBO MST-13 Timer-Fragment, (PT/35).

sorry only a "Babylon" computer translation, *german/english:

On the video Sequence between No. 15:04 to 15:55 one recognizes the fraud with the green Duplicate MST-13 Circuit board. On the sample MST-13 PC board the same damages are visible, which on the Duplicate MST-13 circuit board are. That is, that from the presented sample the Duplicate was provided around Libya into the PanAm 103 assassination attempt to entangle.
Important characteristic: The corner of the plate was not sawn out yet as curve!

*Auf der Video- Sequence zwischen No. 15:04 to 15:55 erkennt man den Betrug mit dem grünen Duplicate MST-13 Circuit Board. Auf dem Muster MST-13 PC-Board sind die gleichen Beschädigungen sichtbar welche sich auf dem Duplicate MST-13 circuit board befinden. Das heisst, dass aus dem vorgezeigten Muster das Duplicate erstellt wurde um Libyen in das PanAm 103 Attentat zuverwickeln. Wichtiges Merkmal: Die Ecke der Platine war noch nicht als Kurve ausgesägt!