The swindle with the Toshiba radio-recorder fragment (AG/145) and (PT/30)

Introduction: After the PanAm 103 bombing (21st of December, 1988):

According to a CIA analysis dated 22nd of December 1988, several groups were quick to claim responsibility in telephone calls in the United States and Europe...

RARDE report 181, page 106/107; section 6 considers, under the heading, Concealment of the IED (radio): Mid-January 1989: Thomas Claiden at AAIB finds a lump of materials, trapped in a fold of a data plate for container (AVE 4041- PA). He hands it back to the police.

January 17th: This fragment materials is received by RARDE, and was marked under the collective number "AG/145", as evidence parts and it's referred to in section 6.2.1 (report 181):

Fragments of a Samsonite suitcase believed to have contained the bomb were recovered, together with parts and pieces of circuit board later identified as part of a Toshiba radio cassette player, similar to that used to conceal 4 "IED" Semtex bombs, seized by West German police from the Palestinian militant group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, two months earlier...

Today must be assumed with great probability, that the crucial evidence, of the circuit board fragment (AG/145) and fragment "O2"= (PT/30) from a blank Toshiba PC-board has been out-broken and thus not derived from a operational radio-recorder Toshiba, model RT-8016 SF16... further justification on 2nd) below.

The question now is: was the bomb built into a Toshiba radio-recorder, or was the bag of explosives installed along with an "Ice-timer", only in a Samsonite suitcase ?
Or was the "imrovised explosive device" (IED) which explode PanAm 103-- the fifth missing radio-recorder Toshiba, model BomBeat "RT-F453D"-- from the Popular Front for the "Liberation of Palestine-General-Command" (PFLP-GC) ?

Officials from Scottish Lockerbie Investigation Team make contact at 20th January 1989, with officials from Switzerland (BUPO) about the Swissair 330 Bombing on February 21, 1970. An a bomb detonated in the aft cargo compartment of the aircraft about nine minutes after take-off. A barometric triggered IED had been used; (PFLP-GC) in Libanon said, that it had been responsible for the explosion !

After the information from (BUPO) the forensic examiner Allen Feraday (RARDE) and other officials visit the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) and also the laboratories at Wiesbaden, Germany, between the 23rd and 25th of January 1989.

The Scots wanted to compare various things marked under collective nr. (AG/145) discovered at Lockerbie. Amongst this charred material were also several small fragments of alleged electronic circuit board.
The real fragments (AG/145) and "O2"=(PT/30) beabused as crucial evidence, were not in the BKA-laboratories... These two fragment existed the first time of beginning May 1889 !

Of interest, was from BKA, on 26 October 1988, the action "Herbst-laub" and the confiscated Toshiba radio recorder (IED's).
Acting upon the intelligence, the German secret police moved in to arrest the PFLP-GC cell on 26 October 1988, at Neuss and arresting 17 men.
The link to PA 103 was further strengthened when Khreesat told investigators that, before joining the cell in Germany, he had bought five Toshiba Bombeat * radios-recorder from a smugglers' village in Syria and made practice "IED's"; but Khreesat stated later that a fifth device had been taken away by Dalkamoni before the raid, and was never recovered !
(BKA, StA Frankfurt/a.M. 32 Js 34 254/88)

Was for Feraday clear that in an "IED" of (PFLP-GC) Model RT-F453D - Toshiba was no room, for 360 grams of Semtex-H explosive, plus one MST-13 timers ?
A comparison of the "cabonize" items established that the "Lockerbie material AG/145" did not originate from the same...?
*Brand Toshiba "BomBeat RT-F453D", with timer variation (not MEBO MST-13 Timer!) altimeter settings, etc. fabricated by PFLP-GC Bomb Maker: Marwan Abdel Khreesat.

After unsuccessful visiting the BKA (inspired by the word Toshiba, it had to be a radio Thoshiba ?) Feraday made a visit to the Toshiba UK headquarters at Camberley, Surrey, on the 2nd of February 1989, for looking about Toshiba radio-recorders, which can qualifies for an "IED Bombs"...

Portable Toshiba Radios and Radio-recorder fabrication, between (1986-88) was only 12 various models; the data sheet for model RT-F453D was not available in UK; and the radio-recorder, Toshiba, model "RT-8016- or (26)-SF" was not on sale in UK !

Ref: (2nd of August 1996, Toshiba Corporate Information Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8001, Japan)
Forget the lie from Allen Feraday, he have seen 130 different data sheets in one day !

Expert Allen Feraday: "very early" had focused on the Toshiba radio-recorder "RT-8016 SF"...

Why? - Did he get the order from the USA, focus on model "RT-8016 SF"; or it is possible that he can show, that the radio-recorder "RT-8016 SF", for Explosives and an MST-13 timer had plenty of space; or it had to be a model, which was represented also in Libya, to bring Libya later in connection with the PanAm 103 atrocity ?...

3rd of February 1989, Prod. 1498, Nr. 13: Feraday sends a memo to Senior Investigating Officer John Orr, who was the senior investigating police officer in respect of Lockerbie at that time:
"I am completely satisfied that these fragments originate from a Toshiba brand radio stereo cassette recorder types RT-8016 or RT-8026 [...with] a white plastics case."

With the help from the distribution company Toshiba at Camberley, a visit was organize to the headquarters of the Toshiba company in Japan.>>>

Meanwhile (16th or 26th of Feb.1989), scottish officer and Feraday visited again officials of the Swiss Federal Police (BUPO) for more information on the SwissAir 330 bomb assassination in 1970.

18th-21st of April 1989: Forensics test-explosions at Maryland carried out under the auspices of the Federal Aviation Authority. Five blasts in luggage containers are set up with help by FBI expert Tom Thurman, Allen Feraday and military explosives experts. The Tests was *photographed by the (RARDE) photographer Stephen Haines.

All the explosions prepares with Toshiba RT-8016 model. The sales report from Toshiba shows, on
USA were exported: 1988/10-1989/03,> 1000 piece Toshiba model RT-8016/RT-SF16; code (RT-SF16-K-VS-DW)...
LIBANON: 1988/10- 1989/03,> 40 piece RT-8016/RT-SF16; code (RT-SF16-K-VS-DW)...
LIBYA: 1988/10- 1989/03,>250 piece; code (RT-SF16-K-VS-DW).

*These photographs also show fragments of a container similar the type AVE 4041 PA, fragments from a radio recorder, fragments from a Samsonite Silhouette 4000 suitcase (made in Denver/Colorado, color antique copper). These photographs are being kept at Fort Halstead and was at the court at Kamp van Zeist not available...
Which confidential status take the fragment material from forensic test-explosions at usa, in Feraday's Report nr. 181 ?
NB: Some key evidence was antedated, in Report 181 !

>>> Two days later, after forensic test-explosions at USA, subsequently a visit was made to the headquarters of the Toshiba company in Japan, between 23rd of April 1989 and the 1st of May 1989 (possibility with some Toshiba radio-recorder fragments from test explosion in USA).

Feraday was learned that similar circuit boards to that noted in the model RT-8016 were in fact installed into seven different models of portable radio/cassette players manufactured by the Toshiba Company or assembled by their subsidiaries or agents.

Feraday and its companions retourned to UK, with such complete pieces of radio-recorder Toshiba model RT-8016 SF (white and in black coloured) and with a portion "Control Samples", blank circuit boards, simular from the 7 models of RT-8016/26 series.

From - Adam Larson aka Caustic Logic Spokane, WA, USA:

May 11: radio manual cover PK/689 is received at RARDE. Supposedly from the bomb and found in a field in K sector near the North Sea, it's ripped but can be read to announce "..Hiba ... o cassette recorder ... SF16 ... BomBeat SF16." It matched the control PT/1. Gosh, why didn't they call this in earlier?
Afterwards, items are said to be from the RT-SF16. However, see June 30. May 12 (by lab notes): "PT/2" is discovered - five crumpled bits of paper, consistent with same spot on most pages of PT/1. Found in clothing PI/995, along with (but not included in) PT/35. PT/35 included 11 bits of black plastics PT/35(a), the famous PT/35(b) (non-radio), and speaker mesh PT/35(c).


On May 24/25, 1989 a Scottish 'Lockerbie investigation team' visits the Federal Police (BUPO) at Berne. It must be assumed that at this occasion the Scots asked the Swiss Officials for information about special deliveries from MEBO to Libya and for a Circuit Board of a MST-13 timer for examination.

28 days later, on June 22, 1989 an Official of BUPO vistits Eng. Ulrich Lumpert at MEBO. Lumpert hands him over an empty MST-13 timer circuit board (prototype) without Bolliers's permission and knowing from which later the manipulated MST-13 timer fragment (PT/35) was fabricated !
see Affidavit of Eng. U.Lumpert, July 18th 2007.

Ex Eng. Ulrich Lumpert wrote in his Affidavit:
I confirm today on 18th July 2007 that I stole the third handmanufactured MST-13 Timer PC-Board consisting of 8 layers of fiberglass from MEBO Ltd. and gave it without permission on 22th June 1989 to a officer of the Swiss federal police (BUPO.
The Swiss officer handed it over to Mr Alan Ferady from RARDE.

In July 1989: Again, Mr. Allen Feraday/RARDE and FBI forensic agent Thomas Thurman (and others) conducted explosion-tests in the USA, using TNT and Semtex H, airfreight-containers, Toshiba radio-recorders type RT 8016/SF16-Bombeat and Samsonite Silhouette 4000 suitcases. filled with clothing, etc.

(perhaps using the blank, brown MST-13 PC-board from Lumpert ?) that were subjected to the explosion, with most such activities being photographically recorded:
1.) by FBI Polaroidphotos; (liable for: Thomas Thurman)
2.) by photos from Stephan Haines, the RARDE photographer.
Notabene: For the Court and the Defence legal proceedings, all these photosgraphs (negatives) are still kept under security closure at Fort Halstead!

Where are the missing FBI Polaroid photos of the original "Lockerbie-MST-13 timer fragment" from the Swiss officer (BUPO) with my signature on the backside today?
Requests of Advocate Neupert to view theses photos had been blocked by the ownes of the photos, the FBI.

2) Back to the Toshiba radio recorder fragment (AG/145) in Dr. Hayes & Feraday's fraudulent investigation:

The sequence of the examinations concerning 'Toshiba' Radio fragments as exposed in report no. 181 show with high probability that the fragments (RT-8016 SF) "AG/145" und "O2"=(PT/30) and the respectives manuals (paper fragments) did not exist yet before May 2, 1989 at RARDE; presupposed that no radio fragments from the test explosions at Maryland USA were brought to the UK ?


Photos of the control samples of fragments from a Toshiba radio recorder RT-8016 SF" (No. 245, front) and (no. 246, rear) could be fabricated in the UK only from May 2, 1989 on - after Feraday's return from Japan with 'blank' Control Sample PC-Boards.

The two real radio-recorder Fragmente (AG/145), with the legend "L106...101" und legend "O2" (in white printed characters) allegedly found mid-January 1989 from Thomas Claiden (AAIB) and registered under the collection number: "AG/145" und Nr."O2"=(PT/30) thus existed earliest from 2nd May 1989 !

Subject fragment &"AG/145":

Witness No. 335, Mr. Allen Feraday confirm to the court, "that the largest of these * fragments, measured approximately 10 millimetres by 6 millimetres and bore the legend 'L106' and perpendicular to this '... 101'-- in white printed characters on its upper surface, as shown in photograph nr. 245 and 246, after ultrasonically cleaned, is the same Fragment as before" !

(with "as before" should mean as the original fragments "AG/145" and "O2" = PT/30 etc, carbonize before).

+++ Q Can you read on, please. A (Feraday) "The same fragments are shown after being ultrasonically cleaned in photographs 245 (front) and 246 (rear)+++.
* (Image: 1 Fragment of "AG/145" on the finger)


No single professional comparison photos of the carbonized Toshiba fragments were shown at the trial in Kamp van Zeist. That means that only pictures exist of the control samples, allegedly ultrasonically cleaned circuit boards (photographs no. 245 (front, brown cloured) and no. 246 (rear, green coloured).
"Carbonized" Circuit-Boards with white inscriptions can not "ultrasonically" be manufactured as photos no. 245 and no. 246 want to make appear.

The only photos No.234 and 244, show in this context:

(a), 19 fragments, (AG/145) widely varying in size, of a severely shattered SRBP printed circuit board, the majority of which are shown, as recovered, in photographs 234 (front) and 244, the rear view."

Faraday's "bluff" shows that the fragment Toshiba (";L106 ... 101" - registered under the collective nr. "AG/145" and a fragment under the single nr. "O2" (PT/30) are Control Samples, who were abused as the original fragments, alleged found in Lockerbie...

This was a deliberate lie ... Technical features of the fragment prove that Circuit Board "AG/145" was broken out of an empty *Print plate (Control Sample) and manipulated. *Which did not originate from a functionning radio-recorder !

Technical / forensic evidence distinguishing

> Clearly visible are the two copper rings on the fractured fragment, which were not soldered, but are blank, meaning that it had no electronic devices with "solder" have been soldered..

> Another oddity is that both (AG/145) and "O2"= (PT/30) would go about the same direction in the blast wave - out from the center in all directions.
In this case the "slanting" sides from both fragments should be visible on the back side (green solder-stoplack-side). On Fragment "O2"=(PT/30) the 'angular' sides are visible on the brown front side.. (fake)...
This proves that the fragments were manipulated, presicely were broken out of a "blank" Circuit Board !

> Some "sloping" breaking points of the fragments' AG/145 "and" O2 "= (PT/35)" betrayed "clear that the circuit boards have not been thrown by an explosion from the radio-recorder, but 100% from a "blank" print plate were specific broken off with a plier!

> If the two fragments have been squeezed out by an explosion, all sides were vertical, not "sloping" ! (see 18th-21st of April 1989: Photos of forensics test-explosions with Toshiba radio-recorder "RT-8016" models. at Maryland carried out under the auspices of the Federal Aviation Authority; and Report of Professor Dr. Hitmar Schubert from the Fraunhofer Institute of Technology and Science).

This confirms that decisive facts in the EXAMINATIONS report 181 of Dr.Haye & Feraday, is a "ocean of lies" and a Toshiba radio-recorder model RT-8016 SF, as well as an MST-13 timer, must be excluded in the Pan Am 103 bombing...

As a template to final report 181 served a draft report by Dr. Hayes & Feraday completed on 11.15.1990. Two years were needed from the draft report the final report in the desired form checkouts. Dr. Hayes signed the rarde final report 181, on 12th of December 1992, two years after he had left (RARDE)...

+ = broken out from a imprint flat pliers
B = sides are not broken by an explosion
A = no solder for electronic components


B = sides are not broken by an explosion

FRONT SIDE (explosions side) no room for an MST-13 timer !

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO LTD, Switzerland
Zurich, 26th July, 2011

Criminal activity with Manipulated Evidence in the "Lockerbie-Case" MST-13 Timer fragment

The discovery of a tiny fragment of a Swiss timer from (MEBO) played an essential role in the Lockerbie investigation (PanAm 103). In fact, according to the FBI Special Agent Richard Marquise; led the U.S. Task Force which included the FBI, Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and led the US part of the investigation say: "an indictment would have been impossible without that piece of evidence" !

To understand better the chronologic successsion of the falsification of the MST-13 timer fragment EXAMINATIONS-page no. 51 from Dr. Hayes and Allen Feraday, dated Mai 12, 1989 and illustration Ref. PP'8932---PI/995 should for now not be regarded because it is a falsification !

The second memorandum with falsified date September 15, 1989 transferred from expert Fereday (RARDE) with label no."DP/137" to Inspector Williamson is a duplicate added ex post and given the wrong page no. 51. Actually the memo was written on September 10, 1990 and dated back to September 15, 1989. For better understanding we leave it also out of the context now. Later we will see for what reason it was fabricated.

The FIRST original MST-13 timer fragment found allegedly by Fereday on Ocober 10,1989 wrapped into a piece of "Slalom"-shirt (PI/995) * and originated from a MST-13 Prototyp-Circuit Board from MEBO which was stolen by Eng. Ulrich Lumpert on June 22, 1989. It was handed over illegally by the Swiss Federal Police to the Scottisch Police or the FBI allegedly for examinatin of the Lockerby tragedy. This fragment was brown before it was carbonized and consisted of 8 layers of fiberglass.
*( Ref. PP'8932--- PI/995 / Dr. Hayes, Rep. 181; Examination page 112, from Oktober 10, 1989 / Affidavit, Ing. Lumpert, from July 18, 2007)

Therefore it is rather obvious that PI/995 could not have been dissected before October 10, 1989. And the key piece of evidence that led the investigation towards Libya could not have surfaced before that date.
The US investigators (FBI) were told about it for the first time on January 10, 1990...
The consequence is inescapable and indisputable. The key piece of "evidence" surfaced between October 10, 1989 and January 10, 1990. For some reason, this finding was antedated to May 12 1989.
The reason is clear, Dr. Hayes and Allen Feraday (RARDE) wanted to show with it, that the circuit board was found before the theft by MEBO Ltd, on 22nd June 1989 (page 51, report 181); and this Fragment therefore with the stolen MST-13 circuit board by MEBO nothing can have to do...

Richard Marquise say in its "log"-book "SCOTBOM": Inspector Williamson said that Allen Feraday, the forensic examer, had sent a fax to Henderson in January 1990 about items he found blasted into a Slalom shirt. In addition to pieces of black plastic, some wire and a piece of the instructionmanual for the RT-SF16 Toshiba radiorecorder were discovered. The most significant item was a fingernail-size fragment, with solder for a circuit on one side only. This PC-board became known later as PT-35, the evidence designation placed on it by the Scots.

This real MST-13 fragment was transferred from Scottish Police Officer, Keith Harrower, end of January 1990, for a variety of forensic examinations on various technical companies in the UK.

At the latest middle of April 1990 Fereday knew by statements from Bollier to the Swiss Federal Police (BUPO) that the prototype timer fragment (received from Lumpert) was different than the timers shipped to Libya which consisted of 9 layers of fiberglass and had a green colour, not 8 layers as the prototyp from Lumpert!
Nota bene: the sort of "green" MST-13 circuit boards into the libyan delivered Timer which were shipped between (1985-1986) to Libya, consisted of 9 layers of fiberglass!

Officials knew now that instead of a brown timer fragment a green DUPLICATE with 9 layers was needed to link Libya to the bombing !

Already from Oktober 10, 1989 on, RARDE and the Scottish Police were in possession of photos from the MST-13 timer fragment. (FBI and BUPO had them since February 1990). For the following reasons the MST-13 timer fragment was sawn into two pieces (no. 353 and 419):
The original MST-13 timer fragment was black carbonized and was showing on one side an unique feature which could not be fabricated on a green duplicate MST-13 timer fragment.

To make it look plausible the Scottish Police Officer, Keith Harrower, brought the fragment on April 27, 1990 to Siemens Munich for a questionable sawing into two pieces.
Siemens labeled the black carbonized MST-13 Circuit Board no. 353 under no. ZPL TW11. On one of its laboratory photos.
Disguised as a forensic research the MST-13 fragment no. 353 was sawed into two pieces by Siemens; the bigger one (approx. 2/3 of the size) kept being labeled no. 353, the smaller piece (approx. 1/3 of the size) was labeled no. 419.

After his visit to Siemens AG, Keith Harrower returned with the results and the two fragments (nr.353 and nr.419) to Scotland. At Strathclide police the result was played down and this particular inquiry was followed up by other police officers...

By order of Inspector William Williamson Keith Harrower was subsequent replaced in May 1990 by Detective Inspector Michael Langford-Johnson, Strathclyde police, witness no. 118, based in Glasgow.

After the visit at Siemens from May 1990 on RARDE used to additional labels: Under no. 353 the complete fragment was labeled PT/35; the (2/3) fragment was labeled "PT/35(b)". BUT counted under the same no 353 which may have led to confusion at the trial in Kamp van Zeist.
Probably intended so.
The small part (1/3) no. 419 was labeled DP/31(a).

Keith Harrower was deliberately replaced by police officer, Det. Michael Langford-Johnson. Without his knowing of already done examinations Det. Michael Langford-Johnson was ordered by Inspector William Williamson to continue fraudulent manipulations concerning the "MST-13 fragment.
To keep secret the change from a "brown" to a "green" MST-13 fragment the continuity of the examinations from Keith Harrower to Inspector Michael Langford Johnson was thus interrupted !

Inspector Langford did not know that he had from May to August 1990, with a "GREEN" DUPLICATE MST-13 Fragment No. 353, again for similar forensic "SHOW" studies, attend technical companies in the UK ......

Apparently Insp. Williamson was in hurry about his visit on the 13th of September 1990 to Switzerland. For the exchange of the carbonize ex "brown"--- into a "green" circuit board. He needed new Polaroid-photos from a "green" MST-13 fragment.
It lucks logic that the order for a new Polaroid-photos came from Inspector William Williamson and was transmitted to Allen Feraday.

Relying on label DP 137 it must be suspected that Allen Feraday was ordered to send an fake memorandum which mentionned a GREEN curcuit board fragment.

With date of 10 September 1990, accompanied with label "DP/137", the memorandum of Allen Feraday was sent to the Detective Inspector William Williamson;
Mr. Feraday referring to a fragment of green circuit board, text:

"Willy, enclosed are some Polaroid photographs of the *green circuit board. Sorry about the quality, but it is the best I can do in such a short time. The diameter of the curvature of the edge is 0.6" (i.e.O). Explains that the fragment could be potentially most important?" And goes on to say: "So any light your lads/lasses can shed upon the problem of identifying it would be most welcome". Many thanks Allen >>>

* This text also indicates that before an other MST-13 timer fragment must have existed.

>>> The Label DP/137 of Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary, was from 10th September 1990 !

The police Label "DP 137" accompanied with Feraday's Memorandum.
Text: Lockerbie Air Disaster.

In early September 1990, members of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team, together with officers of the British Security Service, were making arrangements to travel to Switzerland.
Their intention was to meet members of the Swiss police and intelligence service.
The purpose of the meeting was to take forward a line of inquiry suggesting that the company MEBO might have been the manufacturers of the MST 13 timing device.

Such a device had already been identified as forming part of the improvised explosive device responsible for the destruction of Pan Am 103.
Prior to the departure of these officers, a request was made by the CIA to the British Security Service to deter or delay" -- I'll read that again -- "to deter or delay the members of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team from making the visit.

This request was refused, and the visit proceeded as planned on Thursday 13th September 1990. Separately, officers of the CIA met with the Swiss police (BUPO) and intelligence service on Wednesday 12th 1990, the day before the visit made by the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team and the British Security Service"

The "Scots" wanted "BUPO" to inaugurate about the latest "scam" to inaugurate:
The change of the first black carbonize (ex colour brown) original MST-13 timer fragment PT-35 (nr.353) into a "green" fragment duplicate (also marked as PT-35, nr.353) !

By the Swiss Lockerbie Investigation Team "BUPO" in Bern, was presented from the "Scots", among other material, Polaroid photos, *etc., which have to do in context with MST-13 timer and the Pan Am 103 "bombing" ...
*(1 Fhoto booklet; 1 Memoradum with Label "DP 137*, with date of 10th Sept. 1990; 4-6 pieces "new" of Polaroid Photos--- important, one piece, shows a "patchwork" picture PT/35(b) join with DP/31(a) regarding nr.353 join with nr.419. (PT/35(b) "green" coloured join with DP/31(a) "brown" coloured) !!!

This means that the original black carbonized ex brown coloured PT/35(b) no. 353 was exchanged with the "GREEN" DUPLIKAT, PT/35(b) (under same no. 353) and as "Patchwork" composed of the original "ex-BROWN" carbonized piece of-Fragment no. 419 = DP/31(a) -- and labeld again as complete fragment PT/35 !
(Evidence: Edwin Bollier, Statement of Witness, Septeber 16, 1999, by Crown Office, Procurator Mirian Watson, at Dumfries UK).

After the Visite of "Scots" by Swiss federal police in Berne 13.Sept.-to (20 Sept)?, 1990: >>>
Officer Peter Fluckiger (BUPO) visit me, Edwin Bollier, by MEBO Ltd at Zurich, on October the 2nd, 1990. He show us 4-6 pieces new Polaroid Photographs from Scottish Police about a "green" coloured PT/35 and black and white picture with the patchwork picture PT/35(b) join with DP/31(a). We saw this new second series photographs for the first time on 2nd of October, 1990.

NB: The first photo series of MST-13 fragments show us by "BUPO", see following:

On the occasion of Commissioner Hans Knaus' and Officer Flückiger's (BUPO) visit at MEBO on February 14, 1990 or March we were shown photos allegedly made by the FBI or the Scottisch Police which showed et al. a black carbonized MST-13 timer fragment coming from a prototype MST-13 Circuit Board that before was brown. Other photos depictured elements of deconstructed MST-13 timers made by the FBI.
Notabene: *This picture of the carbonized MST-13 timer was shown by FBI expert Thomas Thurmann at a press conference (June,15th 1990) in the States and given to the press ...

Back to Feraday's MEMORANDUM, Label DP/137:
Allen Freaday transmitted an exchanged MEMORANDUM (duplicate !) to William Williamson now with a falsified date (September 15th, 1989) issued in July 1991 and used to show a constructed chronology in report 181.
On the original label DP 137 the true date September 10, 1990 was altered to September 15, 1989, congruent with the date of the DUPLICATE Memorandum (September 15, 1989).

1.) Reason: For the constuction and the correction of the falsified chronologic sequence with a green (not brown) MST-13 timer fragment in Dr. Hayes and Feradays report 181 a second memorandum (duplicate) with a reset date (Septmeber 15, 1989) should prove that a GREEN MST-13 timer fragment was already found on September 15, 1989 in a piece of a Slalom shirt !

2.) An error in reasoning by Hayes and Feraday shows the whole fraud and the criminal manipulations. Several facts in report 181 have been altered and deliberately falsified. For example the additionally included examination page 51 from Mai 12, 1989.<

The black carbonized MST-13 timer fragment was allegedly found in a piece of Slalom shirt (PI/995) on Oktober 10, 1989.
How is it possible that in Feradays memo from September 15, 1989 a green timer fragment is described and depictured, if the fragment was as recently found on October 10, 1989, in a Slalom shirt (PI/995) by Feraday at RARDE? Or as we know today only from May 1990 on after the visit a Siemens existed as a green MST-13 fragment (duplicate).
(Ref. PP'8932; PI/995, Report 181, EXAMINATION page 112 from 10/10/1989)

On the original label DP 137 the date of September 10, 1990 was dated back to September 15, 1989 (falsification) according to the date of the duplicated memo !
Why was this done? Because September 10, 1989 was a workfree Sunday at RARDE. So Feraday changed it to September 15, 1989 a Friday!

Only with the exchanged GREEN MST-13 timer fragment PT 35; PT 35(b), both registered under no. 353 and consisting of 9 layers of fiberglass Libya could be implicated into the bombing.

A prosecution expert misled judges at the Lockerbie trial about key evidence, according to a classified police memo obtained on (17th July 2011). May 2000: in front of a Scottish court set up in the Netherlands. During the trial, Dr Thomas Hayes, (RARDE) told the trial in June 2000 that he did not test the MEBO MST-13 timer-fragment (PT/35), or a fragment of Toshiba circuit board (AG/145), for explosive !

However, according to the memo, tests were in fact carried out - and proved negative.

A previously secret memo, dated April 3, 1990, describes a visit to the Lockerbie investigation by French police officers examining the 1989 bombing of a French airliner in Niger. The memo states that Detective Superintendent Stuart Henderson, senior investigating officer, told the French delegation "that the piece of PCB [printed circuit board] from the Toshiba [cassette player] bore no trace of explosive contamination and that this was due to the total consummation of the explosive material. Similarly with PT/35, the item was negative in regard to explosive traces."

It is not known whether Hayes knew of the tests alluded to in the memo, and there is no suggestion that he deliberately misled the court. Henderson did not testify as a witness at the trial, and there is no suggestion that he acted improperly.

One other fact immoral:
Why has Dr. Hayes & Feraday (RARDE), a fake page No.51, with date, 12 May 1989, additional "smuggled in" to the Examinations Report ? Page 51 is actually a loose-leaf stapled to the examination and the original book pages 51 to 55 have been renumbered 52 to 56 There is no drawing of the fragment on the original page 5 (now write over) !

Dr. Hayes and Feraday intended so to pretend that the fragment was found already before June 22, 1989 before its handing over.
A one can see from Lumperts Affidavit, Lumpert had handed over unauthorisized a brown MST-13 timer curcuit board (prototyp) on June 22, 1989 to Officials. From this baord the first original MST-13 timer fragment was fabricated. It was originally brown, but to make it look real it was black carbonized.
(see, Affidavit, Eng. Lumpert, from July 18, 2007)

About 7 years after the official interrogation by BUPO/FBI from November 14/15, 1991 Swiss federal prosecutor Mrs. Monique Sudan asked me, Edwin Bollier, to sign a statement on October 13, 1999 in context of a summary about the timer fragment. (Bona fide obtained surreptously)

To get my signature Mrs Fedral Judge M. Saudan opened after 7 years a preliminary hearing against E. Bollier, later abonded.
At the trial in Kamp van Zeist was so intended to camouflage the decisive date of June 22, 1989.
By immoral means the visit of an Official to Eng. U. Lumpert (MEBO) an the handing over of a MST-13 timer board was such changed into a normal visit to Edwin Bollier.

Excerpts of Lockerbie trial in Kamp van Zeist 2000:
Witnessn number 567, Peter Flückiger (BUBO) on the Crown list:

Q- And did you go to the MEBO premises on Tuesday, October the 2nd, 1990?
A- That is correct. Yes. -------
Q- All right. Your photographs came from America; is that so?
A- That is correct. ------

Q- All right. Let's go to Production 287 again, then, and let's go again to photograph 1. And that, you told me, you recognised?
A- That is correct. There's this blue background. That's quite impressive. And it's a relatively good photograph.
Q- And is that one of the photographs you had with you when you went to see Mr. Bollier?
A- Yes, I'm sure.-----

Q- Thank you. In your memo, which we looked at a moment ago -- and perhaps we should have it back on the screen, Production 1562, image 4. In your note here you speak, I think, in the first paragraph about a previous meeting; is that so?
A- That is correct. Yes.
Q- What was the date of the previous meeting?
A- I don't remember this by heart, but I can read it here. I wrote down 22nd of June 1989. It would have been on that date.
Q- Thank you. Was that previous meeting in connection with MST-13 timers? MR. BURNS: Don't answer that question.

Q- Can we return to think about the meeting on 22nd of June 1989, Mr. Fluckiger. Was that previous meeting in connection with the MST-13 timers?
A- No, definitely not.-------(Lie! Meeting with Eng. Ulrich Lumpert and see Affidavit, Eng. Lumpert, from 18th July, 2007)

Q- Can I ask you a further matter, please. Did you have a meeting with Mr. Bollier in March of 1990 at his offices?
A- Well, I don't think I can answer that question. Over the last ten years, I've met Mr. Bollier on several occasions. It's possible, yes.
Q- If you did meet Mr. Bollier in March of 1990, was it possible for you to have shown him a photograph of the fragment?
A- In March, certainly *not. As I said before, I saw the photograph for the first time in September of 1990. ----- (Lie !)

Q- Thank you. Can you now look at Production 1568. Is that the record of an interview with Mr. Meister conducted at Zurich on the 14th of February 1990? (Edwin Bollier was also present)
A- That is correct. I wrote it myself. -----

Excerpts of Lockerbie trial in Kamp van Zeist 2000
Witness number 548, Edwin Bollier (MEBO LTD)

A- I must check that.
Q- If this is correct, you may be right that there was a discussion and a meeting with Mr. Fluckiger prior to the 2nd of October 1990, as far back as the 22nd of June 1989, might you?
A- That might be. Yes.
Q- And you say that you were shown photographs at a meeting prior to the 2nd of October 1990.
A- That is correct. Yes.
Q- And you've initialled this at the bottom of the page, I think. Is that right? If we scroll to the bottom, do you see that?
A- I'm sorry, something must be wrong here. Because on that day, when the people came to our offices, no records were being done. How could these records have been produced? It only occurs to me now.
Q- Well, anyway, you have signed this -- you've initialled this at the bottom, this page, right?
A- That is correct. Well, if initialled it, then that must have been two to three months later. The record was being produced later, and then initialled it. And now it comes to me again.

Q- And if we go to image 10, please. I think -- just take it from me that's the final page of that interview, although you will see on the bottom left, above the stamp, a date of 9th October 1990, which is the date after the 2nd of October. But it seems to be signed by somebody in the stamp underneath it and signed by you, as you say, later, on the 13th of October -- I'm sorry, signed by you on the 13th of October 1999. Do you see that?
A- That is correct. Yes.
Q- So it's signed by somebody. Might it be Fluckiger, on the 9th of October 1990?
A- That is correct. Yes.

Q- And it's signed by you on the 13th of October 1999, and date stamped on the 14th of October 1999, is it?
A- That is correct. Yes.
Q- And is it the case that you reviewed this document with Mr. Fluckiger in October of 1999, and that's why you've signed the page, the last page we are looking at on that date?
A- That is correct. Yes.
Q- And can we go to, I think, the first mage of this production. And that is a note, I think, of the fact that you met with Mr. Fluckiger on the 13th of October 1999; correct?
A- That is correct. Yes.

Q- All right. And if we go to the next mage, please. Do we see there, in paragraph 3, that it says: "Do you have any additions or corrections to make after reading through the protocol?" Do you see that? Question 3.
A- That is correct. Yes.
Q- And do you see that it says your response is: "No, the protocol is correctly worded"?
A- That is correct. Yes.
Q- And that's a reference to the protocol, is it, of -- which is dated the 2nd of October 1990?

A- That is correct. I understand that it was as follows: At that time, there was a tape, which taped a discussion. And from this taped discussion in 1990 -- I think it was in March when I put this into my diary -- amongst other things, these four photographs were shown us. On the occasion of that discussion, and then later, in 1999, on the 13th of October, this tape was apparently transcribed and given to me for signature. That's how I think how things were. But I stick to my statement that the photographs were shown us before the 15th of June 1990. >>>

Questionable: red text from MEBO:

After international Conference at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia on 11th June 1990, FBI Expert Tom Thurman received (supposedly the first time) photos of the MST-13 fragment (PT/35) from Scottish SIO Officer Stuart Henderson. On 15th Juni 1990 was clear for Thurman, the fragment (PT/35) was from a MST-13 timer, which activate the explosion of Pan Am 103...
The first photograph of (PT/35) "brown" color, existed from October 1989.
More photos from 27 April 1990, made by Siemens AG. From 10th September 1990, by label"DP'137."(Memorandum of Feraday) about 4 photos of (PT/35) now with "green" color ...

Q- But, in any event, on the 13th of October, you and Mr. Fluckiger reviewed what had been said -- in October 1990 -- and you and Mr. Fluckiger signed the document that's on the screen; correct?
A- That is correct. I accept that. Sorry, I have a question. It says here that four photographs were shown. Where is this ?
Q- I'm sorry, where are you looking to? Which paragraph are you referring to, Mr. Bollier?

A- I have no idea. But somewhere in this record, which was signed about seven years later -- I want to find out whether the records say that four photographs were shown.

Q- Well, I'm not sure I can help you about that, Mr. Bollier. But the fact is that from the documents that we have seen in this production, it does appear, does it, that there was -- there were at least two preliminary discussions with Mr. Fluckiger, one of which took place in October 1990 and the other of which apparently took place on the 22nd of June 1989.

A- I suppose I would have to accept that, because seven years later, I signed it. But there is something wrong. We saw the photographs before the 15th of June. And I'd like to see these photographs again. There is something wrong here.

(At this time I did not know that at this crucial Date 22 June 1989, the officials Flückiger or Knaus from our engineer Ulrich Lumpert MEBO AG, a blank pattern of an MST-13 circuit board was illegally handed over.)

Q- I'm not arguing with you, Mr. Bollier. You have told us that you saw somebody from -- Mr. Fluckiger before June 1990. And according to this document, that is right; you did see somebody, Mr. Fluckiger, before June 1990.

A- That is correct. And before June 1990, we were shown the photographs And I accept that you should continue, but I'd like to be able to prove later on that the photographs which we saw at that time be produced.

Q- You claim that there were photographs available to you, and on that -- the date on which that might have been available to you was in 1989, perhaps, according to the document that we've just been looking at; is that right?

A- No. Before the 15th of June 1990, we were shown four photographs. These were prototypes of circuit boards, and that was shown to us before the 15th of June 1990. And it was said that this was what was found at Lockerbie. That was in front of Mr. Thurman, FBI, forensics expert. And that is very important to the remainder of the proceedings, because this fragment was exactly like that of Mr. Thurman. And I don't know why this photograph, which the Swiss authorities had as a piece of evidence, are no longer accessible.

They are no longer accessible. I am saying this because Mr.Lumpert said that these were prototypes which went to the G.D.R. And those were brown. And on the photographs, these prototypes were also brown. But that was not useful to lay the burden on Libya. And that is why the photographs disappeared. They were exchanged during the first international legal assistance proceedings. That is where the Scots police came along, and they produced new photographs and said these are the photographs which will go into the records.

Q- I understand what you are saying, Mr. Bollier. All I am pointing out is that you may well be correct that there was a meeting with Mr. Fluckiger before October 1990, as you have claimed, if one looks to the document that we've just looked at; correct?

A- Well, I have to recognise that. As I said, I signed this seven years later. But it's not what I want, really, but I have to accept it...

Image 1
Original MST-13 fragment, (brown coloured, but black carbonize) allegedly found in a T-shirt (PI-995) on 10 October 1989, Ref. report 181, page 112.marked with letter "M" and three scratch places

Image 2 nr.353 and nr.449
Have 8 layers of fiberglass, on April 27, 1990 to Siemens Munich for a questionable sawing into two pieces nr. 353 (PT/35(a) and 419. DP/31(a) brown coloured, but black carbonize.

Image 3 Prod. U/7946
See legende c --- q --- r
Thüring MST-13 circuit PC-board;
mark: c - without the letter "M";
mark: q - perfect soldering lines;
mark: r - defect solderpoint;
mark: f - the curve was not removed.
This picture shows a green Thüring MST-13 printed circuit PC-board with a 9 layers of fiberglass. The curve "f" on the corner not yet being milled out indicates clearly that the PC-board does also not originate from a MST-13 timer ready for operation. A specific damage of material probably caused by an explosion on the solderpoint "r" indicates clearly that from this empty circuit board the green MST-13 fragment was fabricated.

Image 4 nr.353 and nr.449
The form of the damaged "r" on the empty PC-board of the IMAGE, prod. U/7948: The manipulated green duplicate MST-13 timer fragment PT-35B<, without the letter "M"<. Have 9 layers of fiberglass.

Image 5
The larger "brown" original fragmentary section of the MST-13 timer, nr. 353 = PT/35 (a) consist of a 8 layers of fiberglass + marked with letter "M" and three scratch places.
The small "brown" original section of fragment nr. 449 = DP/31(a) consists of 8 layers of fiberglass.

Image 6
The "green" coloured MST-13 Fragment (PT/35). The larger "green" MST/13 timer fragment (PT/35(b) is a DUPLICATE, and received the same number 353, but consists of 9 layers of fiberglass (the same as those supplied to Libya MST-13 timers) without the letter "M" and 3 scratch-points.
The small "brown" section nr. 449 = (DP/31(a) consists of 8 layers of fiberglass and is from the original fragment MST-13 ! From 10 September 1990 (see label DP-137) is the crucial piece of evidence for the later trial in Kamp van Zeist, a patchwork MST-13 fragment, consisting of a piece DUPLICATE, same nr. 353 = PT/35(b) green colored, composed of 9 layers of fiberglass with the original partial fragment (brown colored) of 8 layers of fiberglass, with equal nr. 449 = DP/31(a) ! With this manipulation, the court was deceived !

Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd
Zürich, den 20th of July, 2011