The "Lockerbie Fraud" is now forensically provable!

MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, doc. 1098 (google translation, german/english):
The truth background still not served in Flight 103 bombing (1988) from the Scottish Parliament ...
Behind the Lockerbie Affair conceals a high-explosive and -political criminal case.
Involved into this dirty case, are well known officials, including from Scotland and Great Britain.
The Scottish Parliament still blocked the crucial information in aid to Libya's exoneration, detected in the files of the *Scottish Criminal Cases Reappeal Commission (SCCRC) and in the Document under National Security (PII).
*These documents in 6 points define, a miscarriage of justice against the Libyan official Abdelbaset Al Megrahi.

Der wahre Hintergrund am PanAm 103 Bomben-Attentat (1988) wird weiterhin durch das 'Scottish Parliament' geheimgehalten...
Hinter der Lockerbie-Affaire verbirgt sich ein hoch-brisanter und -politischer Kriminalfall. Darin Verwickelt sind bekannte Offizielle u.a. aus Scotland und Great Britain.
Das 'Scottish Parliament' blockiert noch immer die Offenlegung der Dokumente der *Scottish Criminal Cases Reappeal Commission (SCCRC) und das Dokument unter National Security (PII) mit den massgebenden Entlastungs-Informationen zu Gunsten Libyen's.
*In diesen Dokumenten wird in 6 Punkten, ein Fehlurteil gegen den libyschen Offiziellen Abdelbaset Al Megrahi festgestellt.

The highly respected "Forensic Institute of the Canton Police", Zurich/Switzerland made two digital pictures (magnified 20 times) which are clearly showing the difference between a "brown" PC Circuit board with 8 (eight) layers of fibreglass (picture No. 1/a) and a "green" circuit board (picture No. 1/b) with 9 (nine) layers of fibreglass.

A further comparison by Mebo of picture No. 1/a (front side) and the forensic picture serie (PT-35) approved by the court in Zeist proves that the circuit board originates from an 8 (eight) layer circuit board. Witness and expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) confirmed under oath that the picture of this laboratory picture (Label 334) shows the real MST-13 fragment (PT/35) which was not at forensically changed or worked on. It is the original timer fragment which was allegedly found on Lockerbie ground.

These facts are proving without a doubt that the MST-13 circuit board (PT/35) did not originate from a 20 unit timer delivery to Libya. Those timers had without exceptions "green" 9 (nine) layers of fibreglass boards equivalent to picture No.1/b.!

The conclusion is clear. The "manipulated" MST-13 fragment which was a key evidence (PT/35) cannot be connected to Libya because it originates from a non-functional "brown" prototype circuit board with 8 (eight) layers of fibreglass. A "brown" board was stolen from the Mebo Ltd. Laboratories and manipulated in a criminal manner by officials and presented as fragment "PT/35"! (See affidavit (Official Certification) from 18th July 2007, of Engineer Ulrich Lumpert and statement by witness Edwin Bollier, by Procurator Ms. M. Watson (13th Sept 1999) in Dumfries UK).

The new forensic pictures have been sent to Scotland to Mr. Walter Drummond-Murray Criminal Law and Licensing.

The "Lockerbie fraud" is now forensically provable. It could dramatically change the history of the tragic Pan Am 103 crash. It is high time that the Scottish authorities do not delay the opening of documents any longer and that they do not tolerate the severe miscarriage of justice. The truth shall prevail!

The only manipulated circumstantial evidence which brings Libya with the "PanAm 103 bombing" in conection

The crucial evidence for the indictement of Libya, Megrahi and Fhimah; the MST-13 timer planted in Lockerbie originates from Eng. Lumpert's handmade prototype MST-13 timer printed circuit board (PC-board) given via the Swiss police, without Bollier's knowing, to the Scottish police. This handmade brown coloured prototype timer circuit board was not yet operable because no electronic parts were soldered on!
When the Scottish police noticed, after Bollier's personal interview, that they had planted a brown coloured timer (not delivered to Libya), they exchanged one part of Lumpert's MST-13 timer fragment by a fragment fabricated from a machine made green coloured Thüring board, confiscated in Zurich at Thüring. Thüring had delivered green coloured MST-13 timer circuit boards to MEBO which were later installed in the MST-13 timers sold to Libya. All these manipulations can be traced back and are provable beyond any doubt by MEBO, the manufacturer of MST-13 timers.

Production photos from the duplicate MST-13 circuit PC-board from the green Thüring PC-boards; the design is the same as the prototype MST-13 PC-board, but colour green and industrial fabricated; Notabene: With attributs PT-35B; PT-35(b); DP-31(b) starting from 12th of May 1990 on.

IMAGE, prod. U/7946
see legende c;---q;---r;
Thüring MST-13 circuit PC-board;
mark: c.....without the letter "M";
mark: q.....perfect soldering lines;
mark: r.....defect solderpoint;
mark: f.....the curve was not removed.

IMAGE 2: This picture shows a green Thüring MST-13 printed circuit PC-board. The curve "f" on the corner not yet being milled out indicates clearly that the PC-board does also not originate from a MST-13 timer ready for operation. A specific damage of material probably caused by an explosion on the solderpoint "r" indicates clearly that from this empty circuit board the green MST-13 fragment was fabricated. The form of the damaged "r" on the empty PC-board of the Thüring board is congruent with the form of the damaged "r" of the MST-13 fragment on IMAGE 3.

IMAGE, prod. U/7948:
the manipulated green duplicate MST-13 timer fragment PT-35B, without the letter "M<".

This manipulated MEBO MST-13 timer fragment No. PT-35B used for the incrimination of Libya and its official Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, in the PanAm 103 bombing was produced by Scottish Officials!

Excerpts from Court-Documents from Kamp van Zeist.
Witness No. 335, Mr. Allen Feraday

------Q-Could we look at photograph 330, please. And could you read on Mr. Feraday.
A- "The single fragment of cirquit board, shown life-size in photograph 330, wherein it is compared to an index finger, was given the identity PT/35(b)".
Q- Can we pause there. Do you go on to explain to us that after it was delivered to the police for investigational purposes, various samples were removed from the board?
A- That's correct. Yes.
Q- Does the photograph that are looking at show the sample-- I'm sorry, show the fragment before any samples were removed? A No, sir. It shows after some of it's been removed.
Q- I see. Could we then, whilst keeping that photograph on the screen, look at photograph 334. And is it possible to have 330 as well. And if it's possible, could we magnify 330.
If we look at 334, Mr. Feraday, what does that show us?
A- That's a photograph of fragment PT/35 as recovered in the laboratory.
Q- Is that prior to the removal of any samples?
A- That is correct. Yes, sir.

Q- And can we see, then , by comparison with the fragment shown, as pictured in 330, that a portion has been removed from along the top--. A- Yes,sir.------
------Q- We have on the screen the photograph number 334, which you told us a moment ago was one of the orginal photographs of the fragment taken at your laboratory?
A- It is indeed, sir, yes.