Open letter to the Department of US Justice
Subject 'Lockerbie Case'

Good Day

I am writing to you concerning the "Lockerbie case". Although the tragedy of PanAm 103 crash, over Lockerbie, happened 27 years ago in 1988, the investigation is still ongoing.
I am Edwin Bollier, swiss citizen, owner of Mebo AG, Zurich/Switzerland. Mebo AG, manufactured MST-13 Timers. A small fragment of such a timer was allegedly found among the debris in Lockerbie.

The verdict of the court in Zeist/Holland came to the conclusion, that a MST13 timer delivered to Libya triggered the bomb on board of PanAm 103. I was invited to the court as a witness. After seeing the fragment, I testified that the fragment was manipulated. Unfortunately the court did not believe my serious allegation.
I never ceased to continue investigations about and around the fragment. After a long judicial battle I was finally allowed to review documents, at the Swiss Federal prosecutor's office.
The result of it showed some surprising new facts. In 2011, I filed a criminal complaint against an employee of BUPO (Federal police) and possible third persons involved. The Swiss Federal Justice and Policedepartement EJPD granted permission, to open a criminal investigation against the employee.
After continuous delaying tactics, the Swiss Federal court decided that the first extraordinary prosecutor had to be dismissed - (about biased)...

This highranking prosecutor stated at the court that "he had forgotten", that he was heavily involved in the Lockerbie case - at an early stage...
A new extraordinary prosecutor was elected and he is now at work. I hope that there are now no more profound excuses, in order to prevent the opening of a criminal investigation in Switzerland, against a government employee from Intelligence Service NDB.
The latest disclosure of newly discovered "criminal offences" around the Timerfragment should encourage the US and UK authorities, asking to renew the International legal assistance, by request to the Swiss Federal Justiceand Policedepartement EJPD. (The first initial International legal assistance started 30 October 1990.)

I am entrusting you (based on the courage you showed at FIFA investigations in Switzerland) with the hope, that you will be having a close look at the ongoing Lockerbie investigation in the USA and UK.

The allegedly found MST13 Timerfragment (PT35) was an "evidence fraud" to the detriment of Edwin Bollier & Mebo Ltd. and Libya !
The former Scottish SIO Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson (Crown witness number 696) in June 1990 - accompanied by Chief Inspector, William Williamson (Scottish Police) and Forensic expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) visited on June 1990, the FBI Criminal Laboratory in Washington, lead by FBI Expert Tom Thurmann.

1) The image on the first photo shows the black carbonized original MST-13 Timer Circuit Board (PT-35) PROTOTYPE, which was allegedly found (January 1990) in Lockerbie inside of a "Slalom" Shirt, according to expert Allen Feraday (RARDE).
The proof of fraud !

SIGNIFICANT: The Libyan MST-13 timers were not fitted with such prototype MST-13, circuit boards !
2) The second picture shown below, is a "Thüring" MST-13 Timer circuit board, presumably the duplicate of the (PT-35) fragment was fabricated - composed of nine (9) layers of fiber glass (with such circuit boards, the Libyan MST-13 timers were fitted).
A solder mask has been applied to both sides of the board, the curve was then sawed in addition - without three scratches and without the letter "M", (short form for "Muster" = sample) but already with destruction on the "1" solder tag, but not black carbonized...!
Significant: The two coppor Clads below to solder point "1" were not plated with solder, but with black (FR4) epoxy glass laminata overprinted ! This glass cloth laminate is manufactured using a Bisphenol A epoxy resin cured with Dicyandiamide > like by comparison with the Togo-Timer K1, at FBI lab !
The proof of fraud:!

Their task was to compare a MST13 Timerfragment (PT35) was (allegedly) found in Lockerbie with a MST13 Timer (K1) in possession of the CIA. The K1 Timer was found in Togo. The results of the investigations and comparison have been documented in a secret FBI- Report in Washington on August 20th, 1990. Dok. Nr. 26-223. The document is now declassified: Link to FBI declassified FBIreport:

Based on research by Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd. the presented fragment (PT35) to the FBI lab, cannot be the original MST13 fragment (black carbonized) as (allegedly) found in Lockerbie. The reasons for a fraud is following allegation:

1) At the time of the presentation of the (PT35) fragment at the FBI laboratory on June, 1990, the original (black carbonised) MST13 timer fragment (PT35) consisted already of two pieces and was no longer in green colour!
The PT35 fragment was cut by Siemens Germany, on April 27th, 1990 into two pieces, 2 (two) months before the visit by Henderson & Co, at the FBI laboratory in the USA.
After the Siemens cutting session, the larger part was marked as (PT35/b) and the smaller part was marked as (DP31/a).

2) The FBI laboratory report confirms that the examined (PT35) timer fragment was covered on both sides with solder masque. (Solder masques are green in colour).

3) The FBI laboratory report confirms that the colour of fragment was green and consisted of 9 layers of fibreglass. All those characteristics confirm that they did not examine and compared the original black carbonised (PT35) fragment as allegedly found in Lockerbie; the fragment (PT35) was a false DUPLICATE A FRAUD OF EVIDENCE !

A long time after the court verdict in Zeist a secret kept fax by expert Feraday to SIO Chief Stuart Henderson - unveiled that the (PT35) fragment, was found on January 20th, 1990 in hidden in a Slalom shirt.

The original fragment on the photo (red circle) showed at a second look 3 handmade scratches and the letter "M". (short form for "Muster" = sample in the German language) and was from a brown prototype with 8 layers of fibreglass (not delivered to Libya)!

At the court in Zeist, witnesses as, Scottish Chief Inspector, William Williamson, Dr. Thomas Hayes (RARDE) and expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) made under oath, false statements. For example it was testified that the MST13 Timerfragment, registered on the additional page 51, was found already on Mai 12th, 1989 in a Slalom Shirt !!!
All those "flops" led to a massive "slowdown" of a possible new review of the Lockerbie case. False statements - especially by highranking police officers and forensic experts should be taken very seriously. It is high time to file an extraordinary criminal investigation against SIO Stuart Henderson, William Williamson, Allen Feraday and Dr. Thomas Hayes.

The former FBI Special Agent RICHARD MARQUISE, task force chief and coordinator, between FBI and CIA in the "Lockerbie affair" - made an important statement in the documentary film "Lockerbie Revisited" by Gideon Levy. It underlines the importance of the MST13 fragment as a crucial piece of evidence.
Informations LINKS
Film in English language:
Film mixed in Dutch / Englis language:

Question, Gideon Levy:
Would you have a case if you wouldn't have this evidence (MST13 timer)?

Richard Marquise:
Would we have a case? It would be a very difficult case to prove. It would be a very difficult case to prove ... I don't think we would ever have had an indictment.
And he said also: If someone manipulated evidence, if somebody didn't investigate something that should have been investigated, if somebody twisted it to fit up Megrahi or Fimah or Libya, then that person will go to jail. I mean that sincerely, that person should be prosecuted for that.
I hope that there are now no more excuses, in order to prevent the opening of a criminal investigation in Switzerland, against the government employee P.F..
The latest disclosure of newly discovered “criminal offences” around the Timerfragment should encourage the US and UK authorities, asking to renew the International legal assistance, by request to the Swiss Federal Justiceand Policedepartement EJPD.

You can help that the truth finally prevails
by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Switzerland.

No Libyan national was involved in planning or executing in the Lockerbie Tragedy.
This is a copy text of a notarised Lockerbie Trial Deposition from 4th December 1998, by Susan Lindauer, as reproduced on Prof. Robert Black's Blog:

Lockerbie Trial Document: Susan Lindauer